The Four Percent Challenge

What is Four Percent Challenge about and is it a scam?

If you have come across this online opportunity and want to make sure it’s legit before parting with your money, then you have come to the right place!

I will give you my insider knowledge of this program and my honest opinion.

The Four Percent Challenge is an affiliate marketing training program provide by the Four Percent group and is aimed at anyone interested or already involved with affiliate marketing.

The Four Percent Challenge – Level 1: promises to take you from zero to £10,000 in sales in 30 days. I will reveal exactly what happened during my 30 days of the Four Percent Challenge.

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Name: The Four Percent Challenge

Owner: Vick Strizheus


Cost: $49 per month + various upsells.

Recommendation: Yes

Owner of the Four Percent Challenge

Vick Strizheus is the founder of He is an eight figure internet entrepreneur, who made his millions selling other people’s products.  He claims he started from nothing and ‘cracked’ the “online success code” through trial and error.

According to a number of different sources, Vick Strizheus has a history of being involved with and creating a number of different internet marketing scams. He was also convicted of Grand Theft in his younger days.

Although, he has made a lot of money from affiliate marketing, some of his methods in the past have been unethical. For example, he was involved in a number of affiliate programs that suddenly shut down. Due to these reasons I would be very cautious about investing thousands of dollars in any of his programs until you have thoroughly assessed the program.

Although, the owner’s history should make you run a mile, I don’t think you should throw the baby out with the bath water.

I first came across Vick Strizheus on YouTube  and I was very impressed with his knowledge of affiliate marketing.  I then went on to his website and had a look around. Again, I was very impressed.  There is no doubt that he has impressive knowledge of affiliate marketing and is a traffic generation guru.  In fact, the information he gives for FREE other affiliate marketers charge for.

I think everyone deserves a chance, so I wouldn’t necessarily assume the worst about his program just because of his past.

In this post I will give you my honest review of The Four Percent Challenge and whether it is worth your time and money.

What is Four Percent Challenge?

Four Percent Challenge

The Four Percent Challenge is a daily video based coaching program that’s comprehensive and shows you exactly what to do to begin earning money online as an affiliate marketer.

Through the challenge, the owner claims to teach you how to go from zero to 10K…100k…1 million in affiliate sales.

The program has three levels (Level 1 – $10,000, Level 2 – $100,000, Level 3 – 1 Million). You have to complete each level before you are given access to the next one.

There are daily training videos to watch that help you to build a successful affiliate marketing business and you are given specific daily actions to complete. The program owner compares these to taking a daily success pill and there is a huge emphasis on creating a success mindset.

four percent challenge

This program aims to remove all confusion and frustration with their step by step approach and you are shown exactly what to do and in what order.

As the training is delivered via a series of videos and you get to watch over the program owner’s shoulder as he implements the different elements of affiliate marketing.

The program owner also sets himself up as an affiliate of this program, to proof that he can earn $10,000  in sales by doing exactly what he is teaching and I thought this was really good.

You can choose to promote the Four Percentage Challenge or another affiliate program. However, all the demonstrations and templates are based on you promoting the Four Percent Challenge. Nevertheless, there is nothing stopping you from using what you are taught and adjusting it to promote something else.

The main approach used in this program involves email marketing:

  1. You drive traffic to your landing page
  2. People opt in by giving you their email address
  3. You follow up with a variety of emails to sell your products or drive people to your website so you can be further sold on the products you are promoting.

During Level 1 of the program, you will learn how to:

  • Set up a landing page using Click funnels and connect it with your email autoresponder.
  • Set up link tracking using Click Magick
  • Set up Multiple Streams of Income (MSIs)
  • Drive traffic to your offer using Solo ads (if you haven’t bought Internet Traffic Mastery)

The Main Benefits of this Program

1. Everything is broken down for you and presented in easy to follow video training.

2. You have clear examples to copy so you know exactly what to do.

3. There is a lot of focus on developing the right mindset for success.

4. You learn how to create Multiple Streams of Income.

5. You learnt how to established an independent online business so that you’re not reliant on one program.

Who is it for?

This program is for both new affiliate marketers as well as experienced affiliate marketers.

So the first step in the challenge is the £10,000 a month in sales within 30 days.  Within this level you are shown how to do the basics of setting up different components of your online business.

Vick shares his landing page with you within Clickfunnels and all you have to do is download your own copy and make slight adjustments.

The level one is very much aimed at somebody who doesn’t know how to do these basic things, and Vick takes you by the hand and shows you step by step how to put all of these pieces together.

How much does it cost?

To join the Four Percent Challenge costs $49 a month or you can upgrade to life time access for $497.

You will also have to pay for various tools such as:

Clickfunnels – $97 per month

Click Magick – $12 per month

Converkit – $29 per month

Bluehost – $2.95 per month

This adds up to a recurring monthly cost of £189.95 for the starter memberships.

The Main Upsells In The Program

There are various Upsells throughout the program and these are introduced from session 4.

Upsell 1 : Morrison Publishing Ambassador Club

Four Percent Challenge


The first upsell is a partner product which is normally $1497 but as part of the challenge you are offered this product for $997. This is an optional product and if you purchase it then you make commissions on it if other people you have brought into the Challenge buy it.

Upsell 2: Internet Traffic Mastery (ITM). This is one of the Core Products and to continue with the Challenge you will need to buy it unless you know how to drive traffic to the program you’re promoting. ITM costs $1,997 but within the Challenge you are given a 50% discount and only pay $997.

Although this products has great reviews, I find it very expensive. The problem is, you can only follow the program step-by-step until session 9. At this point you have to have Internet Traffic Mastery as Vick refers you to particular modules to implement.

If you have the knowledge to generate good levels of traffic you can continue without Internet Traffic Mastery otherwise you begin to feel stuck as you cannot generate leads, which means you will not be able to make any money.

Upsell 3: E-stage and E-stage Academy are also Core Products that you are encouraged to purchase.

E-stage is your own WordPress website, which costs $497 for lifetime access.   although it’s not compulsory that you purchase this product,  in order to promote this product and make affiliate commissions you have to own it.

E-stage Academy costs $297.  This has over 40 hours of training videos which basically take you by the hand and show you how to setup your E-stage website,  create pages, add plugins and images, set up site security, back up your website and much more.

For a program that teaches you how to set up websites, write content, drive traffic and lots of other benefits for only £49 a month click here.

Upsell 4: Private Traffic Co-op Campaign.

This is available to people promoting the Four Percent Challenge and costs $600 for 1,000 visitors. Although the cost per visitor is very reasonable, they have a no refund policy, which I disagree with.


  •  Video based training.
  •  Learning at your own pace.
  •  Daily actionable steps.
  •  Multiple income streams.
  •  Opportunity to read other members comments.
  •  Done for you landing pages.
  •  Learning from a super affiliate.
  • Have your landing page and your hub reviewed by Vick.
  • A private Facebook support group.


  • This is the third version of the Challenge…will there be a fourth?
  • Too many up sells and it’s very expensive.
  •  Videos weren’t always available in 24 hours.
  •  There is a lot of videos to watch each day.
  •  You will be stuck if you don’t know how to generate free traffic or don’t have the money for paid traffic.
  •  All the demonstrations are based on promoting the four percent challenge and their partner programs.

Third Version of the Challenge

Vick claims that if you can’t make it work with everything he shows you in the Four Percent Challenge, then you will not make it online. This is a bold claim! And I certainly do not agree with this.

As I already mentioned, there have been a number of different versions of the Four Percent Challenge. This concerns me as the previous Challenge stopped in the middle of the program and the current one only started recently. However, a number of the students have remained from the previous versions and are still very positive about the program. They also say that this version is the best one. Vick mentions some of the problems with the previous versions and says that this is the final version of the Challenge. This remains to be seen!


Four Percent doesn’t have a community of students supporting one another on their website. However, you are able to read other students comments about particularly sessions.

There is also a Facebook Group and members are quite active on it. Most of the messages are about how much people are making with this program and there is a lot of encouragement and positive remarks from most members.

As way of giving you additional support, this program offers you the opportunity to submit your landing page and E-Stage website for Vick to review and give you feedback on how you can make improvements.

Is Anyone Making Money With This Program?

Within the Four Percent Facebook group there are people who are making money following this program.

The Four Percent Challenge

Final Thoughts: To Buy Or Not To Buy

This program requires you to invest a lot of time and money. If you are new to affiliate marketing and don’t know how to drive traffic to your affiliate products or you cannot afford Internet Traffic Mastery then I wouldn’t recommend it.

If however, you know how to drive good amounts of traffic to your affiliate products or you have the money to invest in this program then I would recommend it because of everything it teaches you.

My Top Recommendation

The Four Percent Challenge shows you how to build your own website and generate multiple income streams. However, this will cost you at least £2500, plus hosting. If you want a platform that provides you with hosting, training, a community and much more for only $49 a month then try my top recommendation for FREE.